At Kavyos, we take a collaborative approach to hiring. A resume will only tell you so much about a candidate. That’s why we conduct both technical and soft skill interviews, to get a full picture of the candidates we evaluate.

The Four Pronged Approach 

We follow a four pronged approach to locating the best possible candidates. 

Continuous Recruiting – We scour both the digital world and the physical world to find candidates who are looking for work, as well as those who are considering changing career paths and are looking for a new company to work with. There is a match for every skillset, so we make sure to keep a large database of updated recruits on file.

Client Interviewing –Getting staffing from us isn’t just a matter of filling out a form or viewing a job description. Instead, we get to know our clients as well as the culture of the company they represent. This way, we are able to either find the perfect match within our database, or create a listing in the right environment that will get the best potential candidates. It’s a matter of building trust to show our clients that we hire beyond the role, to the personality that fits. 

Resume Screening – Many of our clients have tried to handling the hiring themselves, and wound up dealing with a flood of resumes. In our current employment climate, hiring managers are seeing as many as 250 resumes per job opening. As a result, they might have had to turn to their resume filtering programs in order to filter out the candidates that didn’t appear qualified on paper. When you do that, you might miss a great potential candidate. We vet each and every candidate we get, to ensure that you’re getting the best person for a position, and not just the best resume.

Three Tier interviews –Our three tier interview process is designed to get the full picture of a candidate. Any candidate will initially speak with one of our recruiters, who will verify the information they sent and get a general feel if the candidate is the right person for the position. If they pass the initial interview, the candidate is then sent to a technical specialist, in order to verify their technical abilities. Finally, they are sent on to the client account manager, who will evaluate both their technical skills and their soft skills. Only after passing all three rounds will a candidate be recommended to our client

A High Interview to Hire Ratio

Our stringent interviewing and recruiting process has helped us maintain a high interview to hiring ratio, while allowing us to find the perfect match for every position. We use what we know to find the technical and professional skills you’re looking for at your company. 

Our recruiters are passionate about finding the right people for your company.They are experts at technical screening and evaluating those intangible skills that will make all the difference in your hiring process. By continuously recruiting, thoroughly vetting resumes, and repeated interviewing, we are able to find the candidates that are the perfect match in both technical competency and culture.

Contact us today to get more information about our hiring process. Give our recruiters the chance to filter through all those candidates for you, to find the perfect match for your enterprise.