In the ever changing technology environment, many companies are facing the need to complete large projects and roll out new technologies at a rapid pace. This often requires the ability to hire additional staff and add to your team very quickly. 

A Bottomless Pool of Talent  

At Kavyos, our biggest strength is our huge pool of candidates that are prescreened to ensure they can fit seamlessly into a temporary position, with no need for extensive training. We can give companies the flexibility they need to complete their large projects, with the qualified staff they need. 

Each business is different, which can make hiring temporary employees difficult. However, we tailor our solutions to ensure you get the perfect fit every single time. Whether you need help rolling out a new program, training your employees on the new program, or managing a major project, we can provide the staff your need. From idea, all the way to implementation, our highly qualified candidates can help you get your major project off the ground.

Tailored Solutions for IT Staffing

There are more than 3 million temporary workers working for staffing agencies in America, and 13% of those employees work in technical fields. The people vetting these candidates need to know and understand what their workers are expected to do, in order to find the best possible placement for them. At Kavyos, all we do is technical placement, as that is what our firm’s founders specialized in. Our recruiters know exactly what is needed for a company to be able to hire the best possible technical employees in their field. 

Finding highly qualified candidates in a hurry is an insurmountable task when an employer tries to do it alone. The time spent locating, interviewing and negotiating with these candidates could be time spent working on the business. That’s why the temporary staffing options at Kavyos are the best option when yoneed to hire in a hurry.

Right to Hire

At Kavyos, we believe our clients have the right to hire whoever they want. We never restrict our clients from being able to hire the temporary workers we sent them into regular full time employees. We offer a no conversion fee guarantee, after a certain period of time. This gives our clients the opportunity to try before they buy, allowing them to see the employee in the workplace before they sign on for a longer term contract or permanent placement. 

Fully Flexible Staffing

Just about every large business will run into the need to hire additional resources. Our contract staffing services allow your business the flexibility it needs to get the people it needs, or even try out an employee before signing them on long term. This is one of the most flexible solutions to staffing that Kavyos offers. We understand that each business is truly distinctive, and needs the perfect match to ensure their big project or new systems are implemented quickly and efficiently. 

Contact us about your major project today, and check out our vast pool of candidates. Our talented team is waiting to help you finish your next big project.