Finding a long term employee is like deciding on the right long term investment. You want an investment that’s safe, reliable and will grow in value over time. Kavyos is strongly committed to finding you the right long term investment for your company. 

The Cost of High Turnover

Changes in corporate culture have bred an environment where employees are less willing to stay with a company for the long term. The cost of hiring an employee is more than just a matter of deciding salary and benefits. You’ll also need to invest the time in training that employee. 

Companies invest about $1200 per employee, per year, on training. That doesn’t include the time that employee will spend training, at another 32 hours per year. On top of that, employers have to deal with workplace integration, like teaching the employee how to use their own specific software and equipment. All of this training time really adds up. 

Getting it Right the First Time

When a company is looking for a direct hire, they’re looking for an employee that wants to make a long term commitment to their company. They are looking for a person to invest in, who will be able to start working right out of the gate, and continue to grow with their company. You want an employee who understands and cares about the vision you have for your company. 

The Kavyos Commitment 

Kavyos is committed to reducing the time you spend hiring, as well as ensuring you’re getting the best possible candidate. Our recruitment process is a multi-step process, where we weed out potential job hoppers and employees who are just looking to leverage job offers, to find you the ideal person for your open position. 

Our direct hire recruitment process is designed to find committed, highly knowledgeable professionals who are looking for a company to create a lasting partnership with. We locate and evaluate the best in the field in order to give employers the best possible choices. 

All this happens quickly, as we are always adding and evaluating new candidates in our talent pool. When you’re working with Kavyos, there’s a very strong chance that the employee you’re looking for has already been vetted by us. Your business doesn’t stop just because you need an employee, which is why we provide fast, reliable recruits that you can integrate into your company seamlessly, to ensure that you never have to worry about disruptions in your business. 

The Specialized Needs of IT Staffing

IT staffing isn’t like any other staffing. It requires a specialized skill set, and it requires people who have in-depth knowledge of that skill set. If your business needs a direct hire, and needs them in a hurry, our highly skilled recruiters can find and vet the best candidates to fit your company. 

In addition, corporate culture changes from company to company. We also evaluate all the soft and business skills you could want in an employee, to ensure a seamless fit. Instead of dealing with the high cost of rapid turnover, trust us with your IT staffing needs. You don’t just want any direct hire. You want a highly skilled professional that is worth the investment. Kavyos will help you find that investment, to help you find a relationship that will pay dividends for years to come.