In my 15 years in the technology industry, working with companies like Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan Chase, I’ve seen a lot of change. I’ve seen changes in the law that required major initiatives be implemented in order to comply, in areas like wealth management, banking and corporate finance. I’ve seen how customers put their trust in the hands of these industries, expecting them to protect their assets and help them plan out their futures. I’ve also seen the level of talent that’s required to help manage these industries.

This is why I created Kavyos. In order to hire for these highly technical positions, you need to be able to understand these highly technical positions. I’ve worked in the positions my clients need to fill, and I’m able to look beyond job descriptions, to find the best possible employees to meet your needs. My values of innovation, transparency and integrity have led Kavyos to become an IT staffing industry leader, with award winning talent. From our home base in NewYork, we’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies there, and all over the country, in order to deliver the best possible applicants at any career level in the IT industry.

My clients are able to benefit from my having seen both sides of the industry, from working in the positions I fill, to consulting with companies who needed to fill the positions in a hurry. As much as the industry changes, the mission of Kavyos will always be the same; to match the most talented people theindustry has to offer to our valued clients. 

I welcome you to start your staffing journey with us. Whether you’re looking for an entry level candidate, or need someone with years of experience, we can and will find the best possible talent for your company. 


Raj Agarwala, Managing Partner