Most AML systems provide a significant array of tools to tailor their functionality in meeting the needs of a financial institution. Getting the most from these systems requires an ongoing training process. However, finding competent resources to provide this training is difficult. Turnover of staff, new hires, the continuous enhancements made by software vendors and the changing mandates of regulators all add to this difficulty. 

Nevertheless, to meet the expected level of diligence set by regulators, a financial institution must establish a process that provides ongoing training to existing staff and initial training for new hires. 

We help our clients get the most value from their software products, Kavyos has developed a comprehensive training program that includes complete documentation and training materials. The training can be scheduled periodically for different audiences within your organization, in line with your compliance program and internal policies.

The training is tailored to the organization and audience. 

Below Topics can be included as part of the training: 

  • Parameters for installation and upgrades
  • Data Understanding, Data mapping and its impact on detection
  • The customer on-boarding process
  • Customer Risk Profiling and Risk rating
  • Customer Enhanced Due Diligence Process
  • Customer, account, and transaction daily review and exceptions
  • Profile setup and management
  • Oversight of the periodic customer review process
  • Rule Tuning, and management of detection rules
  • Case management enhancements and understanding of the features
  • Enhance suspicious activity detections
  • False Positive minimization and System Learning Improvement
  • SAR Filing Process
  • Management and Analyst Reporting

Cost Effective, Flexible Training 

Choosing training from Kavyos is the cost effective, intelligent solution for anyone who wants to expand their skillset. Kavyos is a market leader in the Risk and Compliance industry. By working with us, you can ensure you are getting the most thorough, up to date training available. 

In addition, our schedule can be tailored to your convenience. The classes are specifically designed to not impact your work schedule and allow you to complete them at your convenience. 

All classes are scheduled for Saturday in order to allow you to get the training you need without having to do it during business hours. We can even offer custom classes for large company groups that want to update all their employees at once. 

If you are interested in signing up for this training, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 609-497-7586.